Monday, September 28, 2015




Lunar eclipse was the star this week. So for the 2nd week in a row it's all night photos. 

To get one of those great Supermoon photos you need a strong telephoto lens, which I don't have. Plus the light in the city creates a lot of noise. So I decided the best way to show it was juxtaposition with the buildings. 

This first shot is when it was about half covered. 

Eclipse - Half

This one is my favorite


Here's one from the street just as the eclipse really started 

Full Moon- Start of Eclipse

And here's the entire moon covered-- 

There were other things happening on Haviland and not just above it

Super Truck

I've never seen one of these little vehicles before-- it's like a Segway but with no handle.  I looked it up and that's exactly what it is--a hands-free Segway and it's $200

Hands Free Segway

 And finally some late night studying under a different kind of glow

Late Night Studying