Monday, September 7, 2015




Haviland Street was taken over by Berklee this week--they had 2 big block parties to welcome the students back. It's time to say a small bit about the Berklee College of Music and its relationship with Haviland St. 

I honestly like living near a music school-- 3 of them, in fact, are nearby-- Berklee, Boston Conservatory and New England Conservatory. Berklee is the giant, though, and dominates the neighborhood. They are forever expanding and as they grow bigger the tougher it is to not feel like you live on their campus. 

There is music all around and I generally enjoy that. I like the youthful spirit that permeates the neighborhood. But the institutional aspect of Berklee is a different story. They do some not very great things and can be hard to deal with at times. I don't want to turn this into a Berklee rant, but suffice it say they are not always great neighbors. Like when you come home from work and notice your street has been turned into a block party and you aren't invited and if you had parked on the street you probably would have had your car towed. 

So September means students are back- so let's get take a look-

Student Invasion

Haviland Block Party for Berklee 



So it's not ideal, but had we had some warning it wouldn't have been too bad-- it's not a terrible thing to have fried dough on your street, is it? 

Fried Dough

And Balloons!


Balloon Arch

And a few shots that had nothing to do with the parties. 

Bathed in Sun 

That shot was toward the sun and this one was behind the sun

Late Summer

Sometimes when there isn't a party and you are walking down the street-- there's just a guy playing stand up bass. 

Stand Up

The late afternoon light is great this time of year- 

Tastes Like Gameday