Monday, October 5, 2015




Quite a bit of rain this past week. I've mentioned this before but over this past year there really hasn't been much rain. Of course, we had 100+ inches of snow, so it's not like we had a California style drought. So I will start off with some rain photos. It was coming down pretty good, so I took them from my kitchen window--I liked the impressionistic feel of the look through the fogged up window. 

Pink Umbrella

Rainy Morning- Kitchen Window

Rainy Window

The leaves are just starting to turn color a little bit-- a yellow tinge that will hopefully burst into color before the Project ends. 

Early Fall-- Haviland

Had to shoot upward a bit to get some of the nice light coming in today. I like this cluster of building just off Haviland. 

Brick Buildings

A sign of the best weather being behind us


A few more shots of the people on the street. 

Blue Guitar


Haviland St is a one way street--it's amazing how many people drive down the wrong way. 

Wrong Way