Monday, August 10, 2015




Added an extra day this week. I will be heading out of town for close to 2 weeks, so there will be no posts for a little while. And I have to say that my extra day was very productive. 

One thing I think about each week is what will be the first photo posted. It's not always my absolute favorite, but it does serve a specific purpose. I want it to be the most interesting attention grabbing photo, the first one I post is also the one that shows when I share it to Facebook. So, again--an attention grabber. Anyway, this is all to say that it's usually an easy choice for me- but this week I have 3 that I'm considering and having a hard time deciding which.  But, I ultimately decided to go with this one. 


I really like this photo-- my neighbor Selena was riding past on her bike real close to me and I just turned and took a quick shot. I think it might be the sunglasses, but there's a real colorful  summer quality to it. 

Selena Biking By

This was the third one I considered for the first photo-- I like the light here. Burbank Apartments had their annual block party this week, so a nice shot of the building.


And here's some shots of the block party-- I got there toward the end

Burbank Annual Block Party

Balloons at the Block Party

My wife Joanne and a shy Tracy Hunt

Joanne and Tracy

The light was really nice on my extra day-- here's a few that were all about the light

Building on Haviland 

Sliver of Sky 


This shadow and manhole reminded me of a hockey puck and stick-- ok,  maybe I have spent too much time shooting this street.

Hit The Puck
 Two week break-- see you soon for the home stretch of this project.

Monday, August 3, 2015




I had an interesting interaction this week. One of my biggest fears when I'm out shooting is when I take photos of people that they will call me out. It's something I'm trying to be braver about, but it's a fine line between photographing someone and invading their privacy. I believe that if you are in a public space you should not expect privacy- however if someone is uncomfortable being shot, I don't really enjoy making people uncomfortable. I've only been called out a couple of times and never here on Haviland St. Once this past winter there were 2 security guards in a doorway on a snowy night, smoking and it would have been a very cool shot-- there was really no way to take the shot without them knowing so I asked if they minded and they refused.  I think they thought since they were goofing off they may get in trouble. Fair enough-- I hated losing the shot, but I asked and they said no. 

So this week I was hanging out on the plaza and I took a shot of a guy playing guitar. He noticed and asked if I just took his photo. I said I did and asked if he minded. He was shirtless and I think he was uncomfortable with that. I really didn't think much of him being shirtless, he had a cool guitar and I thought it would make a nice shot with the way the sun was on him. I offered to delete it and he considered it and finally asked me to delete it. No problem, the shot was not good anyway. Even if it was I would have deleted it, but if it was a nice shot it would have hurt more. I went back over talking to the friend I had been chatting with and the guitar player came over after a bit (with his shirt now on) and said he felt bad and if I wanted to take some shots of him playing that would be fine. I could tell he was torn about asking me to delete the shot and he was extremely nice. So I took some shots and I really like the 2 here-- but more importantly, it taught me to not be scared of people  and what would have been a shot I trashed, turned into a couple of nice shots and I met someone from my neighborhood. 

Ok- on to the photos-


Guitar Player
 The last few weeks I have been having a hard time finding time to get out and shoot-- one of the reasons is that my Mom came up to Boston to have a pretty major surgery- so I've been busy with that-- but she's doing great and recently went out for her first big walk- and of course I took her down Haviland St. 


Playing around with the Zoom lens


Things To Do

Pru Close-up

I like this shot, the blurry figure makes it seem like he's in too much of a hurry to notice the guy on the stoop.


This woman is always around trying to sell people flowers. 

Flower Pusher