Tuesday, September 1, 2015


AUGUST 24-31


Back after 2 weeks off. Went up to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island-- I noticed in Charlottetown, PEI there was a Haviland Street close to where we were staying-- I have to get some photos! Of course, then I forgot and didn't remember until we were hours away. 

I was hoping the time off would refresh me for the home stretch of this project, but to be honest I was having a bit of trouble getting motivated. Having been taking photos of fresh, exciting things while on vacation, Haviland St was all too familiar when I returned. But this project is a marathon and the last few miles are always the hardest. 

So how about a SuperMoon some  for some inspiration?

Super Moon

It's hard to shoot the moon ( in hearts and in photography). I don't have a super zoom lens, so these will have to do.

Super Moon from Haviland

Pru and Super Moon

Also - students are back -- which means --moving day traffic. If you aren't from Boston -  Sept 1st means 250,000 students move in and they all move in the same 2-3 days. It creates chaos and also Allston Christmas

Moving Day


Student Activities  

Between traffic and Super Moons, I had a very nice sunset and just some regular Haviland St blues



Garbage Time

Night Tables

And then there's just the regular Haviland St:


Fence Shadow