Monday, June 29, 2015


JUNE 22-28


So, running a little late this week. Like to get the post up earlier on Mondays, but had a long day today. I've done well to get this in on time every week, especially since I switched to Mondays instead of Sunday. 

After my wordy week last week, I'll keep things brief here-- but I do have a lot of photos this week. 

This week with my Fuji I was trying a lot of "shooting from the hip" - where you don't use your eye through the viewfinder and try to shoot without anyone noticing. Some came out good-- there's a certain randomness to this way of shooting too, which is kind of cool. 

Crossing The Walk

It's a good way to grab shots of people 


Friends Part

Along The Wall

Hip Shot 


Stretching The Hose

And practiced on stationary objects

Black Bike in the Rain

Through Bars

I did suddenly realize I had no photos of the garage that is underneath Haviland Street


Patriot Parking  
  Now back to some everyday objects-


Sprinkler Alarm

A door--for my brother Chris, who loves doors


Door- B&W

And finally--I had this shot last week, but the other day the light was hitting it just right and I think this one came out better

Still Life with Cheerwine


Monday, June 22, 2015




Here we are 35 weeks down with 15 to go. I have the FujiX100S this week and used that exclusively. Was kind of wandering aimlessly up and down the street looking for inspiration. I wonder if some people that see me often walking up and down the street, camera in hand, are starting to think I'm a bit crazy. 

Some weeks, I feel like I have a sort of plan and some weeks I'm really just winging it-- this was a winging it week. But I think it worked out OK

So I used some reflections to try and get some new perspectives. This one is my favorite - I like how the building just appears partially out of the pavement. 

I Want To Live in A Puddle


And it wasn't only puddles-

A New Angle On It

This photo was pretty much an accident, but I really like the dream-like quality of it. The fact that his face is cut off  below the eyes adds to that dream quality, I think. I tried playing around with it several different ways to focus on the surreal. I liked 3 different versions and will put all 3 up as a triptych.

Checking His Phone Without Any I's

A constant struggle on the street is parking-- especially on street cleaning day-- I really should get a photo of one of the street cleaners-- but BTD is always around. 

Pleading His Case

There are, of course, many homeless people in our neighborhood, but I am very uncomfortable photographing them for the sole reason that they are homeless. The street is their home and there are enough photos of homeless people around. I'm a big believer in being able to shoot what you want in public. But when you shoot someone sleeping on a stoop it feels to me like an invasion of privacy. If someone who happens to be homeless makes an interesting shot AND it isn't  too intimate of a moment I feel like  I could take the shot. I don't have any hard and fast rules here other than going by my gut--if it feels wrong and exploitative I won't do it. That's a reason you haven't seen many homeless shots. But it would not be a true representation to exclude all traces of the homeless population that are a part of Haviland St. So here's a shot of a rather impressive shopping cart full of a man's worldly possessions.

I continue to struggle with this issue and will try and figure out a way to include them in the story of this street without exploiting them. If you have any ideas. please feel free to leave a comment.


Here's another attempt at a new perspective--shooting straight up-

Flower Box

Sun Wall B&W

A peek into the ally that runs parallel to Haviland

Allied Studios

And a shot from my kitchen window

Two Pair

Monday, June 15, 2015




This week I rented the Fuji X100S again. I didn't get until Friday, so only a few photos this week. If you recall this is an excellent low light camera--it's also very inconspicuous and quiet, so great for taking people photos--I have it for a few weeks- so hope to get some great shots with it. 

Shadow Self Portrait

Here's a photo from last week that I forgot to add-- I really liked it, so I decided to bend my rule about the photo having to be from the same week. 

Corner Kids

Took it out for a spin in low light


New Lights

Late Chat

In the Gate

Tried to capture some motion in these next two. The first is way out of focus-- but there's something I like about the blurriness. 

Under the Streetlight

Truck on Mass Ave



Monday, June 8, 2015




This week I was interested in shadows. I did some daytime shadows and some at night. I never planned to break up the weeks with themes, like roofs and shadows etc.; but it seems like a good way to get some ideas and get the creativity flowing as I enter the last third of the project. 

So here's some day shadows-


Bike Stand w/Tree Shadows

And some night shadows

Shadowy End of the Street

My and My Shadow


I've taken a similar shot to this earlier. I get the effect from headlights coming up Edgerely Rd and projecting the shadow of the bikes tied up onto the wall. For this one I tried to get a long, low perspective.

Bike Shadow Projection

This was shot into trees that were being lit from the floodlights on the ground in the plaza. It was 9PM so definitely dark. Interesting how the sky came out so blue. I think there was still a hint of twilight in the sky, so I guess that being lit by the floodlights is where the blue comes from.

Twilight Trees

A couple of more interesting night shots, playing with the lights

Through the Chair Stacks

Grass Light

So happy to grab a shot of our awesome UPS man. We've had the same main guy for at least 15 years.


If you are squeamish, you might want to skip this last photo. There's not a lot of wildlife oh Haviland, mostly birds and rats-- this little guy met an untimely end. Not sure what happened here, but it looks like he lost the back of his head.



Monday, June 1, 2015




I was thinking about how I had very few photos of the rain and it occurred to me that it really hasn't rained that much since October-- we had a 100+ inches of snow, of course, but very little actual rain. But that was rectified this week with a couple of solid days of rain. So this week it's mostly about the rainy day (and night) shots.

Storm Approaching 

Storm Approaching B&W

I really like the light right after the storm too.  Of course it's easier to shoot post storm than in the middle of the storm.

After Storm

Umbrella Meet

Just in Case

 Sometimes I focus too much on a "dramatic" sky, with crazy clouds or an intense blue- but sometimes a solid gray sky sky can be quite impressive on it's own.

Grey Sky 

I'm a sucker for the effect of isolating one bit of color in a black and white shot-- I think it mostly works, though when the color really stands out in real life too. That was the case here - I didn't have to remove very much color--the day and the street was very monochrome and the purple truly did stand out.

Purple Jacket

The reflection of the wet streets at night are another nice rain side effect

Wet Streets



Late Night Coffee