Monday, September 21, 2015


SEPTEMBER 15th- 21st


I was out of town for a good part of this week, so I decided to take a suggestion and did some long exposures. Headed out this evening after dinner and brought the tripod along-- I mostly set up on the corner of Mass Ave and Haviland and tried to get some shots. This is a technique I'm not very familiar with so it was pretty new to me. I didn't do any crazy long exposures-- but I think one of them was 4 or 5 seconds. I'll definitely try this again. It was fun and I'll do a little research into it. Thanks to Chris Harnish for the suggestion. 

Watching The Bus Go By

Scooter Guy

Pedicab at Night

Here's some Black and White ones from the same corner-

Street Light



This one is from earlier in the week. 


Tried to get some similar light trails further up the street, but it wasn't really working-- I did get a cool effect with some feet though. The feet showed up evn though the rest of the bodies were very blurred. 

Feet in Crosswalk

And the mural at night-

Mural--Night Time