Sunday, January 25, 2015


JANUARY 19 - 25  


This week we got our first "real" snowstorm on Saturday. Nothing major but a good 3 inches or so. So that was the focus this week. Now there is a huge storm and blizzard conditions coming next week. 

Went out quickly before work and found this little dachshund  out for a walk-- so low to the ground, he didn't seem to be having too much fun. 

Low to the Snow

The rest were night shots-- I was a little worried because in the afternoon it changed to a freezing rain and things were looking slushy and ugly, but it switched back to snow after dark. 

Snow Light 

White balance is something that people don't always pay too much attention to, the different "temperatures" of light. There is a setting on the camera to change the white balance, so if you are shooting with artificial light, you get a different color cast than natural sunlight. I find it interesting to play around with this, so the photo above I left the white balance on cloudy because I liked the orange glow from the streetlight. In the photo below I used the Tungsten setting which is correct if you want to account for the effect of the streetlight streetlight. The two shots had almost the exact same settings other than the white balance-- a powerful effect.

Through the Branches

Of course with snow comes snow removal



Check in next week when we should have some blizzard photos!

Snow Blur

Sunday, January 18, 2015


JANUARY 12 - 18


One pitfall I've been afraid of is waiting til the last day of the week to get some shots and that day being a crappy day. I've hedged against that most weeks, by looking at the weather forecast and getting out  and shooting before if it appeared Sunday would be lousy. Well, my fear came true this week-- I put off shooting and didn't really check the weather ahead and here I was Sunday with no shots and a rainy day. Luckily, I caught a break in the rain, but it was still dreary out and not much good light. Very gray.

I decided to try and focus on things where I wouldn't need too much light--  I thought of the street as a big piece of art and I was going to photograph some of the detail. I found myself looking for light, the streetlights weren't on yet, but in the grayness they was some artificial light in the late afternoon.



I did get a little bit of sun break through the clouds for this shot-


In searching for sources of light I noticed the cars had thier headlights on and as they came up Edgerly Rd. they were making some cool shadows with the bikes

Headlight Bike Shadow

Bike Shadow Wall

Last week, I did some shots from my kitchen window. Here's the same window shot from the outside.

Kitchen Window

Here's a few shots of street detail.

4 Rings



 The little light there was really picked up the colors on this wall. It was really drab looking at first glance. A good example of something I would never have noticed before.


The Buried Treasures store has a great window with flyers and stickers- here's a small part of it


One last shot as it was getting darker


Sunday, January 11, 2015



This week was a tough one-- very cold temps. Also, I had to return my Fuji rental, which was very sad. We did get a little snow, so that got me out one afternoon. I was fortunate to be out when my son Andrew was walking home from school and I got a shot of him. 

Andrew's Public Alley

It got me to thinking about my sons' relationship with Haviland St. I grew up mostly in the suburbs with a backyard and mostly quiet streets. For my sons, Haviland St, in a way, is their backyard. It's what they see when they look out their window, it's how they walk to the school bus - it's really a part of their everyday lives. Right now, to Andrew, this project is not of much interest to him - just another one of his Dad's things he does. But I hope at some point he will look back at this as a documentation of an overlooked, yet subconsciously important part of his and his brother's lives. 

We got our second snowfall of the season, but again not much really fell and it didn't last too long. 


My last photo with the Fuji--appropriate end to the Holidays

Christmas is Over

I wasn't really sure what to do with these so I did some experimentation with different looks. I was trying to get the paperwhites in my kitchen window, backlit by the cold winter sunset. It was a tough photo, but I fooled around with some different exposures and then tried some different processing. I'm not sure I really like any one individual photo in this set, by I do like the 4 together, for some reason. 

Paper White Sunset- Blurry Haviland

Paper White Sunset - Soft

Paper White Sunset- Orange Glow

Paper White Sunset - Sepia


Sunday, January 4, 2015




Happy New Year everyone-- Hope there's still a few people sticking with this.

I keep wondering how I'm going to keep this going. At the start of the week it feels impossible to keep coming up with shots and I keep telling myself that I'll just put up 2 or 3 shots this week. But I keep going out and finding things to shoot that interest me. I feel if I think too much about it and try and plan out ahead what I'll shoot, it feels damn near impossible-- but if I just take it week by week and go out a couple of times a week and shoot it seems to work. Now maybe these shots are interesting to me and me alone- but I'm having fun anyway.

This is taken from inside the new structure on the playground- I loved all the different shades of blue in here. 

A Web of Blue

Here's a black and white and color pairing-- I couldn't decide which to use-- so here's both.


Ramp B&W

So, I really want to get more people in here. I think that's what will help give variety to the shots. I have quite a few random people shots, but not too many of the people I know in the neighborhood. Now it's mostly been cold since I started this, so not a lot of opportunity- and that will come with the warmer weather. But in the meantime I've been hoping to come across my neighbor Cathy and her dog Pebbles on one of my shooting forays. And on New Year's Day I finally did. It's not the best shot as everyone was pretty cold but it will do for now.

Cathy and Pebbles

More stuff from New Year's day

New Year's Eve Remnant

New Year's Shadow

The back windows are up in the alley of the old TCs space. Really looks great.

Bricks and Glass

One more of the playground-- the fake grass looks very inviting on a cold winter's day.

Winter Grass