Monday, September 28, 2015




Lunar eclipse was the star this week. So for the 2nd week in a row it's all night photos. 

To get one of those great Supermoon photos you need a strong telephoto lens, which I don't have. Plus the light in the city creates a lot of noise. So I decided the best way to show it was juxtaposition with the buildings. 

This first shot is when it was about half covered. 

Eclipse - Half

This one is my favorite


Here's one from the street just as the eclipse really started 

Full Moon- Start of Eclipse

And here's the entire moon covered-- 

There were other things happening on Haviland and not just above it

Super Truck

I've never seen one of these little vehicles before-- it's like a Segway but with no handle.  I looked it up and that's exactly what it is--a hands-free Segway and it's $200

Hands Free Segway

 And finally some late night studying under a different kind of glow

Late Night Studying


Monday, September 21, 2015


SEPTEMBER 15th- 21st


I was out of town for a good part of this week, so I decided to take a suggestion and did some long exposures. Headed out this evening after dinner and brought the tripod along-- I mostly set up on the corner of Mass Ave and Haviland and tried to get some shots. This is a technique I'm not very familiar with so it was pretty new to me. I didn't do any crazy long exposures-- but I think one of them was 4 or 5 seconds. I'll definitely try this again. It was fun and I'll do a little research into it. Thanks to Chris Harnish for the suggestion. 

Watching The Bus Go By

Scooter Guy

Pedicab at Night

Here's some Black and White ones from the same corner-

Street Light



This one is from earlier in the week. 


Tried to get some similar light trails further up the street, but it wasn't really working-- I did get a cool effect with some feet though. The feet showed up evn though the rest of the bodies were very blurred. 

Feet in Crosswalk

And the mural at night-

Mural--Night Time

Monday, September 14, 2015




Some rain and fog this week, which helped get me through. Something I thought about Sunday as I was walking the street-- I bet I know every nook and cranny of this street as well as anyone. I can tell you where the fireplugs are, what time they put the chairs up in the plaza, the graffitti, how many cracked bricks and when the light hits the wall by Dunkin Donuts. I don't think I'll ever look at this street the same again-- I probably won't look at any street the same again. And I do find myself looking deeper into every scene when I am out shooting elsewhere. 

If anyone is still reading and following along, please send some ideas along about things you think would be good to shoot in these last weeks. Leave your ideas here or in the comments on Facebook. I could use some fresh ideas. 

Here's this week's shots-

Pru in Fog


A couple of shots from my window on a rainy Sunday night

Rain Talk

Rainy Late Summer Evening

An alley on each side of the street

Through the Alley

Tucked Away

Here's something I never did notice before- the trees have a little Parks Dept bracelets on them

Parks Dept

Monday, September 7, 2015




Haviland Street was taken over by Berklee this week--they had 2 big block parties to welcome the students back. It's time to say a small bit about the Berklee College of Music and its relationship with Haviland St. 

I honestly like living near a music school-- 3 of them, in fact, are nearby-- Berklee, Boston Conservatory and New England Conservatory. Berklee is the giant, though, and dominates the neighborhood. They are forever expanding and as they grow bigger the tougher it is to not feel like you live on their campus. 

There is music all around and I generally enjoy that. I like the youthful spirit that permeates the neighborhood. But the institutional aspect of Berklee is a different story. They do some not very great things and can be hard to deal with at times. I don't want to turn this into a Berklee rant, but suffice it say they are not always great neighbors. Like when you come home from work and notice your street has been turned into a block party and you aren't invited and if you had parked on the street you probably would have had your car towed. 

So September means students are back- so let's get take a look-

Student Invasion

Haviland Block Party for Berklee 



So it's not ideal, but had we had some warning it wouldn't have been too bad-- it's not a terrible thing to have fried dough on your street, is it? 

Fried Dough

And Balloons!


Balloon Arch

And a few shots that had nothing to do with the parties. 

Bathed in Sun 

That shot was toward the sun and this one was behind the sun

Late Summer

Sometimes when there isn't a party and you are walking down the street-- there's just a guy playing stand up bass. 

Stand Up

The late afternoon light is great this time of year- 

Tastes Like Gameday


Tuesday, September 1, 2015


AUGUST 24-31


Back after 2 weeks off. Went up to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island-- I noticed in Charlottetown, PEI there was a Haviland Street close to where we were staying-- I have to get some photos! Of course, then I forgot and didn't remember until we were hours away. 

I was hoping the time off would refresh me for the home stretch of this project, but to be honest I was having a bit of trouble getting motivated. Having been taking photos of fresh, exciting things while on vacation, Haviland St was all too familiar when I returned. But this project is a marathon and the last few miles are always the hardest. 

So how about a SuperMoon some  for some inspiration?

Super Moon

It's hard to shoot the moon ( in hearts and in photography). I don't have a super zoom lens, so these will have to do.

Super Moon from Haviland

Pru and Super Moon

Also - students are back -- which means --moving day traffic. If you aren't from Boston -  Sept 1st means 250,000 students move in and they all move in the same 2-3 days. It creates chaos and also Allston Christmas

Moving Day


Student Activities  

Between traffic and Super Moons, I had a very nice sunset and just some regular Haviland St blues



Garbage Time

Night Tables

And then there's just the regular Haviland St:


Fence Shadow