Monday, July 27, 2015





When I first started this blog, my idea was to post about 4-5 photos each week. I have done many more than that each week, pretty much averaging about 10 or so a week. Whether that's from lack of self editing or more good photos than I expected- well, I'll let you decide. 

But this week I only have 6 photos and that feels like slacking, but still more than what I had originally thought I'd do. 

I like this pair of photos- these are taken from the kitchen window and I saw this guy with his great hat walking down the street carrying a two-wheeler over his shoulder-


Two- Wheeler B&W

We had a little drummimg demo to check on the sound in the new commercial space, as a drum shop is interested - I liked the empty space with just the drum kit


Last week I mentioned the photos that are just documenting-- this is definitely one of those-- a late night street light repair

Street Light Repair

And a couple of interesting shots-- one high above and one a  nighttime reflection.. 

Heavens Above

Ghost Tree Reflection




Monday, July 20, 2015




As we roll into Week 39 I've noticed something about what this project means to me and my photography. I think I really have 2 purposes in this project and I'm just realizing now how distinct yet similar they really are. 

I think one side is making good photos. A good technical photo or just a very interesting perspective or whatever, but a thought out, at least somewhat well done photo. 

The second side is kind of documenting the life of the street-- and the photo itself ( the technical aspects or aesthetics of it) matter less. They are more important as a document of the street. 

Obviously my favorite shots are the ones that combine both these sides.    I'll show some examples of each side this week and you can decide if they are in the correct sides.

Here's some examples of side one

Sun Behind the Pru

Shadow Stairs 

Trees on Haviland

Playground Perspective 

A funny caption never hurts either

Porn for Dogs 

And here are some of the side 2 examples


Partial Bike

XX-d Out

Bernie 2016

French French


Tuesday, July 14, 2015




A little late this week-- lots going on. I don't have a lot to share this week, Took some night shots and a couple from earlier in the week. I'll let the photos do the talking. 

Berklee Building at Night

A Tiny Corner of Alley

From Above At Night

Double Shadow

Mass and Haviland 

Skateboarder at Night

Skateboarder Daylight

Don't Dump

Monday, July 6, 2015




Fourth of July weekend is a strange time here. Most of the weekend is very quiet as the locals head to the shore or mountains and the city is empty except of course for the 4th itself when it gets very crowded for the fireworks. 

I want to start with a photo that I really like- even though it was kind of a tossed off photo I took from the car as I was getting ready to take the Fuji back. I like the photo for the haziness and the muted colors. It has the look of a hot summer day in the 70's. I barely processed it all-- it just looked right.

Hazy Day

Speaking of old photos-- a friend of my wife's sent us this photo-- from 1965, looking down Mass Ave toward Symphony it shows the corner of Mass Ave and Haviland--the Back Bay Lounge is where Dunkin' Donuts now is. I love this photo-- you can see dirty piles of snow and all the little business's crammed in that block. There's a Chinese place in the same spot where Nan Ling's was and now Dumpling Palace. If you look closely you can see Bill's Bar and the sign that the Bill's Bar on Landsdowne used. 

Looking Down Mass Ave -1965

Here's a few shots of above Haviland Street--way above




One more taken from above

Couple on the Corner

And back down to street level

Alley Chat

Shadow Leaves

For Lease

Sax Girl
And here's one to wish you a Happy 4th of July and a great summer!

Happy 4th