Monday, April 27, 2015




Spring just won't commit. The weather is ok- but cloudy and no sustained warm weather. But that didn't stop Berklee from having a little day of music out on the plaza. 



Berklee surrounds Haviland and music is a big part of the street. It's nice to be doing dishes and have a little bluegrass group playing out the window. 

Banjo Through the Trees

More evidence of music


 The aqua scooter that was so ubiquitous last fall seems to have disappeared - but now there is a new one parked in the same place all the time--I wonder if the owner got a new one?


Sometimes I wonder how anyone figures out how to park on this street--so many rules!

Signs, Signs, Everywhere is Signs

  There's always the lot behind the alley


Trying to get more people--it's a little easier now that people are out and about more.


A kind of cool perspective from inside the old TC's space

Back Window

Monday, April 20, 2015


APRIL 13-19


This weekend the Marathon folks come into town. Also of note-- the tables and chairs are back on the Plaza--winter is truly behind us now.  

Chairs and Table

Table for One

I decided to take a seat in one spot and see what came by. I chose a nice background of the playground mural and just show what passed me by over 20-30 minutes.

Orange Jackets 


2 Girls 

This is a curious character that has recently appeared in the neighborhood. My wife has been telling me about her for a few months and I just saw her for the first time about a week ago. She showed up right in my 20 minute window. She always has the shorts, umbrella and backpack and is always running.

Umbrella Running Lady

And one last shot

Service Center

Monday, April 13, 2015




We are officially at the halfway point. I figure with 52 weeks- I will take 2 weeks of (maybe 3) where I won't be around because of vacation. So the goal is 50 weeks. So here we are.

Some definite Spring in the air. Over the next few weeks the dynamic of the street should change quite a bit. People will be hanging around on the street and lingering outdoors instead of hurrying from place to place. It will be interesting to see how that changes what I shoot. 

Bay Frames

Working on Sunday

Climbing Down

Just happened to have the camera nearby when I saw this guy out the window


 I thought this photo looked kind of cool a little over saturated in color. Something about the fake grass and the blues with the soft browns of Pebbles.

Chatting Through The Bars

Kai & Lex

I like this little tree against the wall-- here's two versions

Little Tree- Color

Little Tree- B&W

Monday, April 6, 2015




So I did decide to do night shots-- specifically late night shots. These were taken between 11 and 12:30 AM

I mixed in some color with black and white-- I think the black and white works really well in conveying that late night feel. But sometimes the colors of the night are too vibrant to leave out. 

This is the back of a building on Boylston that looks over the plaza. 


The lights are left on overnight in the construction site


Haviland St- Midnight

Some nights the street is busier than others. This night it had a quiet, subdued feeling. Not really that cold, but not the warm spring weather people are craving either.

Home From Practice

Nighthawks at the Dunkin'

Late Night Detail

What action there was was happening on the corner- the Dunkin Donuts is open late andthey had slow but steady stream of customers. And Mass Ave goes throughout the night.

#1 Bus

I like all the different pieces in this shot-- almost looks like a junk shop window.

There's Star Bay Light Stop