Sunday, November 30, 2014




So it was Thanksgiving week, which is a quiet week in the neighborhood. Also, I was gone for 3 days so it made it hard to get out. It was also the first day I just really had no idea what to shoot. I did have a vague idea of showing how empty and quiet the street is on a holiday weekend. 

Quiet on the Street



Early Winter Sky




Unfortunately, I need to show all sides of the street.


Former Car Window


Here's my favorite of the week. 

Shadow Bike


The only non Berklee commercial space on the street (at the moment)

Buried Treasures

And lastly, a bit of utility-- Hope you had a great holiday--see you next week.

Fire Plug

Sunday, November 23, 2014


November 17th - 23rd

It seemed quiet on Haviland this week. My idea was to get some shots showing how busy the street can be- especially right after a class or 2 gets outs. But no luck there, instead I ended up with some quiet moments. Take the shots you're given.


Through The Bars


There has been this aqua colored Vespa ( I think it's a Vespa) parked on the street for a few weeks now and I've taken several photos of it, but haven't really been happy with any of them. This week I finally got something I like. Maybe a little over-saturated-  you may see another try with this.

Aqua Scooter

The playground work is almost done. Maybe one more week of finishing touches. Even on Sunday, the presence of construction is there.


Dark Roast on a Post

The week ended with some nice weather for late November. Next week is Thanksgiving, so things will be pretty quiet. Happy Thanksgiving!

Late November Sky

Sunday, November 16, 2014



 I'm finding this project really opening up for me and keep getting more and more ideas. It's really just trying to find enough time. 

Don't forget-- you can double click on an image to enlarge it in a black box. 

It was a cold week and I'm curious how the weather will affect how I shoot. I did take a couple of these shots from my kitchen window earlier in the week. 

I took a photo tonight of some trees in the plaza of the Berklee building that I thought would be a fun shot to fool around with some split toning and some of the Lightroom presets. Here's 3 different takes:

Ghost Trees- Selenium

Ghost Trees - Blue

Ghost Trees- Antique Light

I like the three images together- the middle was my own playing around with the split toning. The other 2 were presets on Lightroom that I tweaked a little bit. It was a fun process that made me do a little research on split toning - so a great learning experience.

Here's my favorite photo of the week, which I really liked and did before the Ghost Tree series. Then I went back after learning more about split toning and now I like it even more-- the different tones really added some texture.

#4 Haviland St.

I was getting ready for work in the morning and noticed some really nice light out the kitchen window- so I grabbed the camera and took a few shots. These are also in the Berklee Plaza which is right behind my building. If you look closely in the first photo- right in the middle - you can see a reflection of one of the outdoor chairs.


Autumn Patio

Black & White Plaza

This week they installed the fence on the playground-  Love the colors:

New Fence

Heading Home

Sunday, November 9, 2014


NOVEMBER 3-9, 2014

 A quick note-- If you were trying to leave a comment and got frustrated with the hoops you had to jump through to do so-- I have fixed that and now anyone can leave a comment. So please leave a comment--I love the feedback.

This was a tough week--I was very busy and the weather was mostly awful when I did have time. But this Sunday morning I was lucky enough to get both time and sunshine:

Sunny Sunday Morning

My neighbor John was out this morning enjoying the sunshine too.

Sunday Morning Coffee with John

But, the point of this exercise is to be out taking photos even when there is lousy weather. That's part of the challenge of the Project. I'm sure I will plenty of time, though, to take photos in lousy weather- because, as our window display friend reminds us-  

Winter is Coming

The Edgerly Playground made a lot of progress last week and should be opening soon.

Finishing Touches  

15-25 Hemenway St

Alley Security

And finally a Halloween Post Mortem shot

Post Halloween Orange

Sunday, November 2, 2014



The fun of a project like this is to see where it takes you. I haven't set up many rules, so this leaves me free to chase my whims. I've been loving my simple 35mm fixed lens. Each time I hit the street this week, I took that along exclusively. The challenge with a fixed lens is there's no zooming in or out- so you have to really think about your framing. It kind of clears your mind, by removing many of the possibilities.  Also, it's a smaller lens and you don't feel like you stand out as much.

I love the guy on the far left--can't tell if he's looking at me or the runner. 


Being my neighborhood, I really hope I get lots of photos of the people in my neighborhood. Some will be posed, but most will be candid, I think I'll start with my son-

Sam on Haviland

I thought I would get a bunch of good Halloween kids and revelers, but there just weren't that many out.

Halloween Revelers


Colorful Bikes

This is my building- or a corner of it


Window Display