Sunday, February 22, 2015



The first week in four that we haven't had a major snowstorm or two. And Sunday we actually got well over 30 degrees and might have touched 40. Now with all the snow ( and freezing rain Saturday night) that's creating a pretty big stew of slush and dirty snow.

I never really intended this blog to turn into a weather blog, but hey, play the hand you're dealt, I guess.



And of course, this makes from some tough walking. You have to step careful- some of these slush puddles are pretty deep.

Watch Your Step

 Or just take another route over the snow bank.

Alternate Route
And hazards from above

Caution Falling Snow

Shaving Cream Snow

Earlier in the week they were out late night trying to clear the snow away so the city can get back to some sort of normalcy.

Hauling Snow

Dumpster Snow

And still, reminders that there's a long way to go before we see green grass again.

Playground Full of Snow

Handle Bar

Unfortunately, all this melting snow is soon going to freeze as we are supposed to drop down to single digits again and even fall below zero. This weather os for these guys-

Penguins Like it Here

Monday, February 16, 2015




 About mid January I started to worry a bit that we may not get any snow to speak of this year and what a drag that would be for this blog. No snow at all in New England over the winter would not be a true representation of a year in the life of Haviland Street.

So when late in January we were expecting a pretty big snowstorm, I was excited thinking about the great new shots I would be able to get. What a nice change of pace to shoot a blizzard, the aftermath, the cleanup etc. Well 4 major snowstorms later it's not so much fun anymore. But I do have to admit it has opened up a huge new world of photographic opportunities on "the street".

So we had 2 storms this week-- one Monday and Tuesday and another Saturday night into Sunday. 


My neighbor Courtney was out - he photographs around the neighborhood also.  If you saw the wall of snow at Kenmore station that was making the rounds-- he photoshopped that.

Courtney Sizes Up  Snow Pile

Glow in the Alley

So this is storm number 3- and the worst of it was overnight. I'm trying different tones and filters with the black and white snow shots. Lots of fun ways to play around with it.

Dirty Snow

Down the Alley


 And back to a burst of color

Catching a Smoke

 The city has been in rough shape from all the snow-- we try to go about normal business and it seems just as things start to return to a little normalcy we get hammered again-

Oil Truck


So my car had made out ok from storms 1-3, but #4 finally buried it. 

Where is My Car?

This was Sunday after storm 4-- it was extremely cold and windy-- the wind blow snow created some cool effects- I had to get out there, but my outing was short as fingers were frozen. 

Snow Dust

Sun Snow


Sunday, February 8, 2015



More and more snow. It looks like theme for the near future on Haviland St is going to be the snow and how we deal with it. Boston is experiencing unprecedented snow and how they clean up after this next hit will be interesting.


Haviland Street Feb 8 2015

The problem now is where to put the snow- the roads narrow as the snow piles up and soon you have gridlock.


The above photo was mid week, when we started to see some melting and clearing- but today (Sunday) more snow- notice the Mini Cooper uncovered and now:


Today's snow is disheartening and with 2 more days of it coming, it will be some time before we see much pavement again.

Walking home

A couple of years ago Berklee bought a little sidewalk plow- my wife and son were so taken by it, they named it-


She has had quite a workout this month-

Olivia at Work

Sunday, February 1, 2015



This week, of course, is all about the blizzard. Roughly 2 feet of snow dropped starting Monday night and all day Tuesday. I braved the storm several times to try and get some shots- I was having some trouble with my auto focus, maybe because of the cold. But I did get a bunch of pictures-- bigger than normal entry this week.

Went out Monday night as the blizzard conditions were just starting-


 I love the shoveling guys taking a photo mid job--

Say Cheese

Andrew got some quick playground time- though, it was pretty cold and nasty, even for a 12 year old.

Before the Blizzard

Late night I took some shots from inside.

Blizzard 2015 1 AM

Blizzard 2015 Mass Ave

Last Bus

The Beast

 Tuesday morning-  more snow coming and a quick look at the overnight totals

12 Inches and Counting

And snowboarding!

Snowboarding in the Alley

Alley Boarding 

 The next day --storm is over-- time to play in the snow:

Andrew in Snow 

Kai Buried


 And time to dig out

Shoveling Out  

Selena Breaks From Shoveling


Smoke Break

And finally the little yellow Mini Cooper


See you next-- Congrats to the Pats