Monday, June 1, 2015




I was thinking about how I had very few photos of the rain and it occurred to me that it really hasn't rained that much since October-- we had a 100+ inches of snow, of course, but very little actual rain. But that was rectified this week with a couple of solid days of rain. So this week it's mostly about the rainy day (and night) shots.

Storm Approaching 

Storm Approaching B&W

I really like the light right after the storm too.  Of course it's easier to shoot post storm than in the middle of the storm.

After Storm

Umbrella Meet

Just in Case

 Sometimes I focus too much on a "dramatic" sky, with crazy clouds or an intense blue- but sometimes a solid gray sky sky can be quite impressive on it's own.

Grey Sky 

I'm a sucker for the effect of isolating one bit of color in a black and white shot-- I think it mostly works, though when the color really stands out in real life too. That was the case here - I didn't have to remove very much color--the day and the street was very monochrome and the purple truly did stand out.

Purple Jacket

The reflection of the wet streets at night are another nice rain side effect

Wet Streets



Late Night Coffee