Monday, June 22, 2015




Here we are 35 weeks down with 15 to go. I have the FujiX100S this week and used that exclusively. Was kind of wandering aimlessly up and down the street looking for inspiration. I wonder if some people that see me often walking up and down the street, camera in hand, are starting to think I'm a bit crazy. 

Some weeks, I feel like I have a sort of plan and some weeks I'm really just winging it-- this was a winging it week. But I think it worked out OK

So I used some reflections to try and get some new perspectives. This one is my favorite - I like how the building just appears partially out of the pavement. 

I Want To Live in A Puddle


And it wasn't only puddles-

A New Angle On It

This photo was pretty much an accident, but I really like the dream-like quality of it. The fact that his face is cut off  below the eyes adds to that dream quality, I think. I tried playing around with it several different ways to focus on the surreal. I liked 3 different versions and will put all 3 up as a triptych.

Checking His Phone Without Any I's

A constant struggle on the street is parking-- especially on street cleaning day-- I really should get a photo of one of the street cleaners-- but BTD is always around. 

Pleading His Case

There are, of course, many homeless people in our neighborhood, but I am very uncomfortable photographing them for the sole reason that they are homeless. The street is their home and there are enough photos of homeless people around. I'm a big believer in being able to shoot what you want in public. But when you shoot someone sleeping on a stoop it feels to me like an invasion of privacy. If someone who happens to be homeless makes an interesting shot AND it isn't  too intimate of a moment I feel like  I could take the shot. I don't have any hard and fast rules here other than going by my gut--if it feels wrong and exploitative I won't do it. That's a reason you haven't seen many homeless shots. But it would not be a true representation to exclude all traces of the homeless population that are a part of Haviland St. So here's a shot of a rather impressive shopping cart full of a man's worldly possessions.

I continue to struggle with this issue and will try and figure out a way to include them in the story of this street without exploiting them. If you have any ideas. please feel free to leave a comment.


Here's another attempt at a new perspective--shooting straight up-

Flower Box

Sun Wall B&W

A peek into the ally that runs parallel to Haviland

Allied Studios

And a shot from my kitchen window

Two Pair