Monday, June 29, 2015


JUNE 22-28


So, running a little late this week. Like to get the post up earlier on Mondays, but had a long day today. I've done well to get this in on time every week, especially since I switched to Mondays instead of Sunday. 

After my wordy week last week, I'll keep things brief here-- but I do have a lot of photos this week. 

This week with my Fuji I was trying a lot of "shooting from the hip" - where you don't use your eye through the viewfinder and try to shoot without anyone noticing. Some came out good-- there's a certain randomness to this way of shooting too, which is kind of cool. 

Crossing The Walk

It's a good way to grab shots of people 


Friends Part

Along The Wall

Hip Shot 


Stretching The Hose

And practiced on stationary objects

Black Bike in the Rain

Through Bars

I did suddenly realize I had no photos of the garage that is underneath Haviland Street


Patriot Parking  
  Now back to some everyday objects-


Sprinkler Alarm

A door--for my brother Chris, who loves doors


Door- B&W

And finally--I had this shot last week, but the other day the light was hitting it just right and I think this one came out better

Still Life with Cheerwine