Sunday, January 25, 2015


JANUARY 19 - 25  


This week we got our first "real" snowstorm on Saturday. Nothing major but a good 3 inches or so. So that was the focus this week. Now there is a huge storm and blizzard conditions coming next week. 

Went out quickly before work and found this little dachshund  out for a walk-- so low to the ground, he didn't seem to be having too much fun. 

Low to the Snow

The rest were night shots-- I was a little worried because in the afternoon it changed to a freezing rain and things were looking slushy and ugly, but it switched back to snow after dark. 

Snow Light 

White balance is something that people don't always pay too much attention to, the different "temperatures" of light. There is a setting on the camera to change the white balance, so if you are shooting with artificial light, you get a different color cast than natural sunlight. I find it interesting to play around with this, so the photo above I left the white balance on cloudy because I liked the orange glow from the streetlight. In the photo below I used the Tungsten setting which is correct if you want to account for the effect of the streetlight streetlight. The two shots had almost the exact same settings other than the white balance-- a powerful effect.

Through the Branches

Of course with snow comes snow removal



Check in next week when we should have some blizzard photos!

Snow Blur