Sunday, February 1, 2015



This week, of course, is all about the blizzard. Roughly 2 feet of snow dropped starting Monday night and all day Tuesday. I braved the storm several times to try and get some shots- I was having some trouble with my auto focus, maybe because of the cold. But I did get a bunch of pictures-- bigger than normal entry this week.

Went out Monday night as the blizzard conditions were just starting-


 I love the shoveling guys taking a photo mid job--

Say Cheese

Andrew got some quick playground time- though, it was pretty cold and nasty, even for a 12 year old.

Before the Blizzard

Late night I took some shots from inside.

Blizzard 2015 1 AM

Blizzard 2015 Mass Ave

Last Bus

The Beast

 Tuesday morning-  more snow coming and a quick look at the overnight totals

12 Inches and Counting

And snowboarding!

Snowboarding in the Alley

Alley Boarding 

 The next day --storm is over-- time to play in the snow:

Andrew in Snow 

Kai Buried


 And time to dig out

Shoveling Out  

Selena Breaks From Shoveling


Smoke Break

And finally the little yellow Mini Cooper


See you next-- Congrats to the Pats