Sunday, January 18, 2015


JANUARY 12 - 18


One pitfall I've been afraid of is waiting til the last day of the week to get some shots and that day being a crappy day. I've hedged against that most weeks, by looking at the weather forecast and getting out  and shooting before if it appeared Sunday would be lousy. Well, my fear came true this week-- I put off shooting and didn't really check the weather ahead and here I was Sunday with no shots and a rainy day. Luckily, I caught a break in the rain, but it was still dreary out and not much good light. Very gray.

I decided to try and focus on things where I wouldn't need too much light--  I thought of the street as a big piece of art and I was going to photograph some of the detail. I found myself looking for light, the streetlights weren't on yet, but in the grayness they was some artificial light in the late afternoon.



I did get a little bit of sun break through the clouds for this shot-


In searching for sources of light I noticed the cars had thier headlights on and as they came up Edgerly Rd. they were making some cool shadows with the bikes

Headlight Bike Shadow

Bike Shadow Wall

Last week, I did some shots from my kitchen window. Here's the same window shot from the outside.

Kitchen Window

Here's a few shots of street detail.

4 Rings



 The little light there was really picked up the colors on this wall. It was really drab looking at first glance. A good example of something I would never have noticed before.


The Buried Treasures store has a great window with flyers and stickers- here's a small part of it


One last shot as it was getting darker