Sunday, January 11, 2015



This week was a tough one-- very cold temps. Also, I had to return my Fuji rental, which was very sad. We did get a little snow, so that got me out one afternoon. I was fortunate to be out when my son Andrew was walking home from school and I got a shot of him. 

Andrew's Public Alley

It got me to thinking about my sons' relationship with Haviland St. I grew up mostly in the suburbs with a backyard and mostly quiet streets. For my sons, Haviland St, in a way, is their backyard. It's what they see when they look out their window, it's how they walk to the school bus - it's really a part of their everyday lives. Right now, to Andrew, this project is not of much interest to him - just another one of his Dad's things he does. But I hope at some point he will look back at this as a documentation of an overlooked, yet subconsciously important part of his and his brother's lives. 

We got our second snowfall of the season, but again not much really fell and it didn't last too long. 


My last photo with the Fuji--appropriate end to the Holidays

Christmas is Over

I wasn't really sure what to do with these so I did some experimentation with different looks. I was trying to get the paperwhites in my kitchen window, backlit by the cold winter sunset. It was a tough photo, but I fooled around with some different exposures and then tried some different processing. I'm not sure I really like any one individual photo in this set, by I do like the 4 together, for some reason. 

Paper White Sunset- Blurry Haviland

Paper White Sunset - Soft

Paper White Sunset- Orange Glow

Paper White Sunset - Sepia