Sunday, January 4, 2015




Happy New Year everyone-- Hope there's still a few people sticking with this.

I keep wondering how I'm going to keep this going. At the start of the week it feels impossible to keep coming up with shots and I keep telling myself that I'll just put up 2 or 3 shots this week. But I keep going out and finding things to shoot that interest me. I feel if I think too much about it and try and plan out ahead what I'll shoot, it feels damn near impossible-- but if I just take it week by week and go out a couple of times a week and shoot it seems to work. Now maybe these shots are interesting to me and me alone- but I'm having fun anyway.

This is taken from inside the new structure on the playground- I loved all the different shades of blue in here. 

A Web of Blue

Here's a black and white and color pairing-- I couldn't decide which to use-- so here's both.


Ramp B&W

So, I really want to get more people in here. I think that's what will help give variety to the shots. I have quite a few random people shots, but not too many of the people I know in the neighborhood. Now it's mostly been cold since I started this, so not a lot of opportunity- and that will come with the warmer weather. But in the meantime I've been hoping to come across my neighbor Cathy and her dog Pebbles on one of my shooting forays. And on New Year's Day I finally did. It's not the best shot as everyone was pretty cold but it will do for now.

Cathy and Pebbles

More stuff from New Year's day

New Year's Eve Remnant

New Year's Shadow

The back windows are up in the alley of the old TCs space. Really looks great.

Bricks and Glass

One more of the playground-- the fake grass looks very inviting on a cold winter's day.

Winter Grass