Friday, December 26, 2014




 Christmas week is very quiet on the street. The students are away and a lot of people head out of town. The days leading up til Christmas get quieter and quieter and by late Christmas eve it's mostly just a few drunks straggling home. The street has certain stillness to it that you just don't see very often. It's even different than Thanksgiving- it's more hushed and you feel as though even the people that are still in the city are tucked away in their homes. I tried to capture some of the stillness.


Christmas Day



Edgerely Road- Christmas Day



The day after Christmas brought some bright sunshine

Berklee Tritop

The back alley and a new window in the old TC's space.

New Window
Our old friend the scooter has been back and I tried a new photo with a nice reflection in the aqua blue

Scooter Reflection

Happy New Year all--the next post will be in 2015.