Monday, October 19, 2015





I took my last photo for this blog yesterday. Today when I looked out the kitchen window they were sweeping up the yellow leaves from the plaza and it felt like they were clearing props from a stage on closing night. 

So I was trying to decide what grand finale photo I should have for my last week- and decided to go in a different direction. No grand finale- just more photos on the scale that I have been doing all along. Its a week-- Week 50 on Haviland Street.

I want to take a minute to thank everyone that followed this project and those who commented here, on Facebook and to me personally. It has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Sticking with things is not always my strong suit and having stuck with this for an entire year is something I'm proud of. I learned a hell of a lot about photography. I've taken classes and read books but nothing is like getting out and doing it week after week.So in that respect the Project was a rousing success. I think there's at least a few really good photos to be found here. And I think that it's a  nice record of a small street. I hope everyone who has followed has enjoyed it. 

I am coming up with a new project and hope to start soon. I may even post another photo or 2 here if the mood strikes me.

Goodnight Moon

One thing I was a little disappointed with over the year is not getting as many shots of my neighbors as I would have liked. But I'm not out there all the time and had to depend on happenstance to see them when I was out with my camera-- so for the last week I invited people from my building to come out if they could for a group shot. Thanks to those who made it. Here's a great shot of some neighbors that mean the world to me. Nothing says Haviland Street to me like the people who live here. 


This photo I took twice and one was a screw-up where I focused on the leaves rather than the girl in the red sweater. But I kind of like the result. The foliage is nice and people are in the background. One thing I learned from this project is sometimes mistakes  can work out ok. Never throw anything away. 

Girl in Red Sweater with Leaves

Leaves with Girl in Red Sweater

Here's the leaves in the gutter that were cleaned up today

Fall in the Gutter


A couple of last twilight black and white shots which I think have been my favorite style . One thing that will be hard to get used to is not constantly looking out the window--wondering, should I grab the camera and head down? It will be a bit of a relief, but I also will miss it. 


Leave a Light On

One thing I hadn't done was a self portrait-- so here's me-- grim and gritty on Haviland Street. My wife said it should be the photo on the dust jacket of my hard boiled detective novel. Now there's a project. 

Steve on Haviland

And here's my last shot- it's simple, elegant and taken out my kitchen window that has been my eyes on the street for the past year. I don't think I'll ever tire of the view. I'm sure sooner, rather than later, I'll get the urge to grab the camera and head down to the street. 

Good Night Haviland, Good Night Moon