Monday, October 12, 2015




I can't believe it--the penultimate week. This week is actually the last week that I haven't done-- I started this blog the week of October 13-20th last year. The first photo I used was taken October 17th. So next week will actually overlap a bit-- a couple of reasons- I took 3 weeks off-- 1 in the spring when I went to Florida and another 2 weeks for my summer vacation. But I wanted a nice even number of weeks--so decided to settle on 50 weeks. 

So here we go-- last Monday was a spectacular sunset. I thought about saving it for my last photo of the project - but that would violate the rule of making sure the photo was taken in the week it's posted. 

So here it is-

Sunset Over The Fenway

Here's a couple of other sunset shots a little more Haviland focused

Black & White Sunset Over Haviland

Sun Setting Over Haviland   

The leaves are really starting to change now-- the weather has been great. The is really my favorite time in Boston. 


  A Moment

Beige Day 
 I used some split toning to exaggerate the colors a bit in this one.


This might be my favorite from this week. I love that the street is mostly darkened but just a small bit of sunlight shooting out from the alley. 


I just can't get enough of these chairs--I love shooting them 

More Chairs
 Don't forget to check in next week for the last week.