Monday, February 16, 2015




 About mid January I started to worry a bit that we may not get any snow to speak of this year and what a drag that would be for this blog. No snow at all in New England over the winter would not be a true representation of a year in the life of Haviland Street.

So when late in January we were expecting a pretty big snowstorm, I was excited thinking about the great new shots I would be able to get. What a nice change of pace to shoot a blizzard, the aftermath, the cleanup etc. Well 4 major snowstorms later it's not so much fun anymore. But I do have to admit it has opened up a huge new world of photographic opportunities on "the street".

So we had 2 storms this week-- one Monday and Tuesday and another Saturday night into Sunday. 


My neighbor Courtney was out - he photographs around the neighborhood also.  If you saw the wall of snow at Kenmore station that was making the rounds-- he photoshopped that.

Courtney Sizes Up  Snow Pile

Glow in the Alley

So this is storm number 3- and the worst of it was overnight. I'm trying different tones and filters with the black and white snow shots. Lots of fun ways to play around with it.

Dirty Snow

Down the Alley


 And back to a burst of color

Catching a Smoke

 The city has been in rough shape from all the snow-- we try to go about normal business and it seems just as things start to return to a little normalcy we get hammered again-

Oil Truck


So my car had made out ok from storms 1-3, but #4 finally buried it. 

Where is My Car?

This was Sunday after storm 4-- it was extremely cold and windy-- the wind blow snow created some cool effects- I had to get out there, but my outing was short as fingers were frozen. 

Snow Dust

Sun Snow