Sunday, February 8, 2015



More and more snow. It looks like theme for the near future on Haviland St is going to be the snow and how we deal with it. Boston is experiencing unprecedented snow and how they clean up after this next hit will be interesting.


Haviland Street Feb 8 2015

The problem now is where to put the snow- the roads narrow as the snow piles up and soon you have gridlock.


The above photo was mid week, when we started to see some melting and clearing- but today (Sunday) more snow- notice the Mini Cooper uncovered and now:


Today's snow is disheartening and with 2 more days of it coming, it will be some time before we see much pavement again.

Walking home

A couple of years ago Berklee bought a little sidewalk plow- my wife and son were so taken by it, they named it-


She has had quite a workout this month-

Olivia at Work