Sunday, December 7, 2014




A lot of change on Haviland St this week. The playground is almost done- just a few finishing touches to go. The exterior work on the old TC's space is starting, which should really transform that space. And the patio chairs and tables were removed from the plaza this week to be put away for winter. 


Here's the start of the opening up of the wall here- which will eventually have big windows.  


Chipping Away



The last day to sit out on the patio. It was a bit chilly, but these 2 were taking advantage of the tables still being out. I was trying something here - shooting from above and focusing on the reflection and having the guys at the table be a bit out of focus. It's an interesting effect, but maybe needs some more tweaking. 


And the next day the chairs and tables go for their winter nap. 



End of Patio Season


See You In The Spring


I think this guy was waiting for his girlfriend. Holding her bag and getting his tunes ready. 


Left Holding The Bag