Sunday, November 16, 2014



 I'm finding this project really opening up for me and keep getting more and more ideas. It's really just trying to find enough time. 

Don't forget-- you can double click on an image to enlarge it in a black box. 

It was a cold week and I'm curious how the weather will affect how I shoot. I did take a couple of these shots from my kitchen window earlier in the week. 

I took a photo tonight of some trees in the plaza of the Berklee building that I thought would be a fun shot to fool around with some split toning and some of the Lightroom presets. Here's 3 different takes:

Ghost Trees- Selenium

Ghost Trees - Blue

Ghost Trees- Antique Light

I like the three images together- the middle was my own playing around with the split toning. The other 2 were presets on Lightroom that I tweaked a little bit. It was a fun process that made me do a little research on split toning - so a great learning experience.

Here's my favorite photo of the week, which I really liked and did before the Ghost Tree series. Then I went back after learning more about split toning and now I like it even more-- the different tones really added some texture.

#4 Haviland St.

I was getting ready for work in the morning and noticed some really nice light out the kitchen window- so I grabbed the camera and took a few shots. These are also in the Berklee Plaza which is right behind my building. If you look closely in the first photo- right in the middle - you can see a reflection of one of the outdoor chairs.


Autumn Patio

Black & White Plaza

This week they installed the fence on the playground-  Love the colors:

New Fence

Heading Home