Sunday, November 23, 2014


November 17th - 23rd

It seemed quiet on Haviland this week. My idea was to get some shots showing how busy the street can be- especially right after a class or 2 gets outs. But no luck there, instead I ended up with some quiet moments. Take the shots you're given.


Through The Bars


There has been this aqua colored Vespa ( I think it's a Vespa) parked on the street for a few weeks now and I've taken several photos of it, but haven't really been happy with any of them. This week I finally got something I like. Maybe a little over-saturated-  you may see another try with this.

Aqua Scooter

The playground work is almost done. Maybe one more week of finishing touches. Even on Sunday, the presence of construction is there.


Dark Roast on a Post

The week ended with some nice weather for late November. Next week is Thanksgiving, so things will be pretty quiet. Happy Thanksgiving!

Late November Sky