Sunday, November 2, 2014



The fun of a project like this is to see where it takes you. I haven't set up many rules, so this leaves me free to chase my whims. I've been loving my simple 35mm fixed lens. Each time I hit the street this week, I took that along exclusively. The challenge with a fixed lens is there's no zooming in or out- so you have to really think about your framing. It kind of clears your mind, by removing many of the possibilities.  Also, it's a smaller lens and you don't feel like you stand out as much.

I love the guy on the far left--can't tell if he's looking at me or the runner. 


Being my neighborhood, I really hope I get lots of photos of the people in my neighborhood. Some will be posed, but most will be candid, I think I'll start with my son-

Sam on Haviland

I thought I would get a bunch of good Halloween kids and revelers, but there just weren't that many out.

Halloween Revelers


Colorful Bikes

This is my building- or a corner of it


Window Display