Monday, March 30, 2015


MARCH 23-29


The end of  March--still a few piles of snow left and the blog (inspiration) is waning a bit. Part of the reason I did this project was to find out where I could find inspiration shooting the same street over and over for 50 weeks. It was supposed to be a challenge- and it is becoming harder each week to find something new. Sometimes having a sort of theme for the week gives me a purpose. I was thinking next week, might be all night shots.

 I will say there were a few new perspectives and a few new surprises on the street for me this week. A nice colorful surprise was this bright orange bike.

Orange Bike

I was looking for new perspectives and was surprised I had not taken many shots from the Hemenway end of the street looking back down Haviland.

Hemenway Street

From the Top

Another perspective I hadn't used was looking up to the playground from the slope of the alley.

From the Alley 


Crooked Shadow

As the snow melts there are some surprises left over

First Sign of Spring?