Sunday, March 8, 2015


March 2nd-8th

So- no post last week, as I took some time out of the snow and cold down in Florida.

I also want to thank the Fenway News for using one of my photos on this month's cover. It's the one titled Walking Home of two guys walking down Edgerely Rd (taken from Haviland) with an umbrella.

The biggest change I noticed after being gone for 4 days was that the snow- and the landscape in general - moved from kinda cool and pretty and even a little awe-inspiring- to just dirty and kind of disgusting. I decided to just embrace the dirtiness. As the snow piles get smaller and darker they reveal the trash and butts and dog shit below.

But before we dive into the snowy, sooty gutter, here's a cool reflection-

Amp Reflection 

Now let's see just how dirty it is out there

Black Snow

Yeah, pretty gross. I find it interesting how the life of the street just kind of adapts to the big snowbanks- trash is thrown in, dogs pee on the banks - they become a part of the street-- they've been around long enough.


Parking Space

Bike Revealed

It is receding and luckily pretty slowly, so far. Soon it will be gone.


But for now you can still step into the plaza and take a shot that really looks nothing like the street the you know-- and that's kind of cool.

Looking Over Haviland

One last photo-  I hadn't noticed this in the plaza before, so I'm assuming it's new.Nice story and quote.

Wayne's World