Monday, March 16, 2015


MARCH 9-15


Feeling a little under the weather this week, so not a ton of photos- but the big news on the street is the windows have been put in in the old TCs space. What for many years was a long plain wall- now has bright airy picture windows. Some better photos next week when all the clutter is removed, but wanted to get some up. 

New Window- Just Installed

New Window on Haviland

Here's a look from the inside-out.

From the Inside Looking Out

Much more melting this past week-- the street is starting to look sane again. I hadn't done a shot from the alley yet-- so here's one coming up the hill from behind where Berklee has their security offices.

Up From The Alley

Sunday morning was awoken by a familiar sound on Haviland St. Jackhammering!

Digging a Hole

And every jackhammering needs a couple of highly trained police officers to keep an eye on things.


Starting to get warmer-- soon this pup will be able to walk around on his own-- for now, though, he can stay comfy in owner's jacket.

Pup Break