Monday, May 11, 2015




So, of course, we jump from Spring right into Summer.  The trees aren't only blooming but some of them are in full summer mode. The students are starting to finish up and the street will take on a more local residential character

Haviland Street - May

Green Leaves

So the Mayor visited Haviland Street this week-- the official ribbon cutting for the Edgerely Rd Playground was on Wednesday. I worked very late the night before and could get myself up for the early morning ceremony, but I did mention to sneak some photos out the window.

Mayor Walsh

I was captivated by this girl practicing conducting. She had a baton and sometimes had on headphones-- but I found it most interesting when she was conducting with no headphones- like she was conducting the street scene.

Conducting Practice


And one Black and White-

A Quiet Moment

Moving out doesn't seem to be as crazy as moving in day- I think it is spread out a little more and doesn't happen all on one day.

Stacked Couches