Monday, April 13, 2015




We are officially at the halfway point. I figure with 52 weeks- I will take 2 weeks of (maybe 3) where I won't be around because of vacation. So the goal is 50 weeks. So here we are.

Some definite Spring in the air. Over the next few weeks the dynamic of the street should change quite a bit. People will be hanging around on the street and lingering outdoors instead of hurrying from place to place. It will be interesting to see how that changes what I shoot. 

Bay Frames

Working on Sunday

Climbing Down

Just happened to have the camera nearby when I saw this guy out the window


 I thought this photo looked kind of cool a little over saturated in color. Something about the fake grass and the blues with the soft browns of Pebbles.

Chatting Through The Bars

Kai & Lex

I like this little tree against the wall-- here's two versions

Little Tree- Color

Little Tree- B&W