Monday, July 27, 2015





When I first started this blog, my idea was to post about 4-5 photos each week. I have done many more than that each week, pretty much averaging about 10 or so a week. Whether that's from lack of self editing or more good photos than I expected- well, I'll let you decide. 

But this week I only have 6 photos and that feels like slacking, but still more than what I had originally thought I'd do. 

I like this pair of photos- these are taken from the kitchen window and I saw this guy with his great hat walking down the street carrying a two-wheeler over his shoulder-


Two- Wheeler B&W

We had a little drummimg demo to check on the sound in the new commercial space, as a drum shop is interested - I liked the empty space with just the drum kit


Last week I mentioned the photos that are just documenting-- this is definitely one of those-- a late night street light repair

Street Light Repair

And a couple of interesting shots-- one high above and one a  nighttime reflection.. 

Heavens Above

Ghost Tree Reflection